See 'Transformers,' 'G.I. Joe' Crossover in 'Revolution' Comic Series (Exclusive Video)

The seeds of Hasbro's cinematic universe are sown in this first-ever mashup of 'Transformers,' 'Action Man,' 'Micronauts,' 'ROM' and 'G.I. Joe.'

For those looking forward to seeing Transformers, G.I. Joe and the other Hasbro toy brands meet in the in-development the Hasbro Cinematic Universe, prepare for a sneak peek at what may be to come with this exclusive trailer for IDW Publishing's upcoming Revolution storyline.

Launching this fall, Revolution will bring the Transformers, G.I. Joe, Action Man, ROM, Micronauts and M.A.S.K. properties together for the very first time, creating a unified mythology combining all the brands that will last far beyond the bi-weekly storyline. (While the combination of properties matches Hasbro's big screen plans, IDW clarified to THR that Revolution is a storyline to create a mythology specifically for the comic book incarnations of each brand.)

Revolution doesn't rewrite the comic book histories of Transformers and G.I. Joe, both of which have been published by the California-based publisher for a number of years; indeed, it "builds out of a detail that was introduced in IDW's first-ever issue of Transformers in 2005," according to IDW chief creative officer Chris Ryall.

"We've been working toward a full-fledged universe for some time," he continued. "It's great fun to be able to bring it to vivid life, especially since it allows us to give the world new titles like the very-requested M.A.S.K., as well as some exciting new books still to be announced." (IDW launched new comic book series for ROM and Micronauts earlier this year, with Action Man, the British incarnation of G.I. Joe, debuting this month.)

Michael Kelly, Hasbro's head of global publishing, said in a statement accompanying the announcement of Revolution that while some of the properties have crossed over in the past, the scale of this storyline (and expanded universe) makes Revolution stand out.

"Our heroes, whether they are from Earth or from distant reaches of the galaxy, all have one thing in common: Their powers and abilities are based primarily on technology," he explained. "We have been able to use this fact to build a natural and believable link between all of these disparate characters. The result is a complex and dynamic world where all manner of conflicts and team-ups can and will exist. If you are a fan of Hasbro’s brands, your time is now."

The five-issue central Revolution series, co-written by Cullen Bunn and John Barber, with art by Fico Ossio, launches this September, with one-off issues tying into the storyline for each of the properties beginning that month with G.I. Joe, Micronauts and ROM issues.