Sequel to Cambodian Action Hit 'Jailbreak' in the Works (Exclusive)

Jailbreak 2 - Poster Art - Kongchak Pictures Publicity - H 2020
Kongchak Pictures
Action actors Cecep Arif Rahman and Yayan Ruhian, known for their work in 'The Raid' movies and 'John Wick 3 – Parabellum,' are in talks to play villains.

Jailbreak, Cambodia’s acclaimed — and first — action movie, is getting a sequel.

Jimmy Henderson is back in the director’s chair for what is being tentatively titled Jailbreak: Round 2 as are the leads, Jean Paul Ly, Dara Our and Tharoth Sam, who played cops that must break out of prison with a key witness during a riot.

Joining them for this new actionfest are Cecep Arif Rahman and Yayan Ruhian, action stars known for their chops in The Raid movies as well as John Wick 3 – Parabellum. Rahman and Ruhian will be playing villains.

Written by Kai Miller, the story sees Cambodia’s ragtag, renegade team of martial arts commandos band to defeat a fugitive crime lord “lodged atop 30 floors of hell,” according to producer Loy Te. Te’s Kongchak Pictures is behind the movie with additional financing from Westec Media.

The project is looking to shoot in 2021. Song Te and Michael Chai are exec producing.

Jailbreak won best action film at Fantasia Film Festival in 2017, also nabbing a special action award and a nomination for most innovative feature. The movie, which highlighted a fighting style known as bokator, was picked up by Netflix.

The movie proved a major hit and engendered comparisons to Ong-Bak and The Raid, marking a major leap for the local production scene. Actor Our went on to become the national coach of the Bokator federation and has been training the country’s army in the hand-to-hand combat using bokator techniques.

The project will be making its debut during the Cannes Virtual Market.