Serial Killers, Apocalyptic Cults and Unkillable Ideas in Z2 Comics' 'Indoctrination' (Exclusive Trailer)

What makes someone turn evil?
Courtesy of Matt Battaglia/Z2 Comics

The end of the world may be nigh — and only two FBI agents have noticed the signs.

Indoctrination, a new crime comic book series by Michael Moreci and Matt Battaglia, peeks into the underbelly of America as two FBI agents are forced to work with an untrustworthy ally with ties to a terrorist intending to trigger an apocalyptic event in order to bring a serial killer to justice. THR has a preview of the first issue, as well as an exclusive reveal of the trailer for the project.

"The best crime stories center on the pursuit of understanding that which we cannot. True Detective, Zodiac, even Silence of the Lambs all focused on characters trying to get to the heart of something — the decision by someone to kill serially — that can't simply can't be understood," writer Moreci tells THR. "The same thing drives Indoctrination, as our characters try to infiltrate the inner workings of a terrorist death cult that makes people do something like, say, leave their newborn baby at home while they murder 14 of their colleagues, as was the case in San Bernardino last year. That's the crime that terrifies me most, and that's at the core of Indoctrination."

Battaglia adds that the series "is the cross section of the cultural relevance seen in such movies as Manchurian Candidate and the slow-burn suspense that you find in a crime drama like True Detective. It touches on themes that loom in the backs of everyone's minds. The book asks, 'What makes the average person turn evil, or was it within them all along?' "

Published by Z2 Comics, the first issue of Indoctrination launches June 22 both digitally and in comic book stores. Learn more about the 10-issue series here, and watch the trailer and read the first pages of the issue below.