'Sesame Street' Takes on Marvel With 'Aveggies' Parody (Video)

Sesame Avengers Parody - H - 2015
"Aw, and this was a brand-new suit for the sequel, too!"

It's the pop culture mashup that had to happen. Having already taken on one Disney pop culture monolith with Star S'Mores, Cookie Monster has turned his attention to Earth's Mightiest Heroes with the introduction of the Aveggies. Yes, you read that right.

The latest parody from Sesame Street recasts the Marvel blockbuster's heroes as healthier options including Captain Americauliflower, Onion Man and Black Bean Widow, trying to stop the villainous Bon-Bon's chocolate chip cookie spaceship from destroying the healthy eating options on Earth.

If you think that Cookie Monster would have no problem dealing with a threatening cookie — well, you're entirely right. In a lift of Mark Ruffalo's big moment from the original Avengers, the blue-skinned muppet tells the other heroes, "That me secret: Me always hungry," before turning into a giant, Hulk-like version of himself (complete with purple pants, despite Cookie Monster not wearing any pants before the transformation).

Managing to compress the plot of the original Avengers movie from over to two hours to a little over five minutes, Aveggies: Age of Bon-Bon might be considered the perfect appetizer for this week's U.S. release of Avengers: Age of Ultron, if not an audition to take over the franchise at some point in the future. Watch your backs, Russo brothers: Someone at Sesame Street has shown how easily they can juggle multiple heroes, humor and ridiculous plot twists in record time.

Watch the video below.