'Sesame Street' Takes on 'Star Wars' in This Parody Short

Use the Four (no, that's not a typo)
Sesame Street

Say what you like about Star Wars, but there’s no denying the fact that it lacked even one scene where Han Solo tried to eat the co-pilot of the Millennium Falcon. Thankfully, Star S’Mores — a new short released online this weekend from Sesame Street — finally rights that wrong.

Mixing the traditional pun-filled Sesame humor (characters in the Star Wars parody include “Princess Parfaita” and Cookie Monster's “Flan Solo") with an important lesson about self-control, the short centers on Flan’s ongoing struggle not to eat his best friend and co-pilot Chewie — who is a cookie, as his name might suggest. Hey, let's be honest: it's not any more ridiculous than "Chewbacca."

Taking just five minutes to run through the main arc of the original three Star Wars movies, Star S'Mores is exactly the sort of thing those of us who grew up on the works of George Lucas and the Sesame Workshop need to start the week off properly. Even if the chance to meet "Only One Cannoli" and "Darth Baker" doesn't appeal — I really wasn't joking about those puns before — those familiar with both Sesame and Star Wars should nonetheless check out the “Groda” sequence at 2:23, in which Sesame Street regular Grover takes on the role of Star Wars' Yoda. With both characters created (and originally voiced) by master puppeteer Frank Oz, it's no surprise that Flan Solo asks, “Hey, he remind me of somebody. But who?”