'Settlers of Catan' Movie in the Works From Sony

The movie is being eyed as a potential franchise starter.
Courtesy of Catan

A feature based on the popular board game Settlers of Catan is in the works at Sony.

The studio is in negotiations to acquire the rights to the game and is working with producer Gail Katz (The Perfect Storm), who originally acquired the rights to Settlers of Catan back in 2015.

Lego Movie filmmaker Dan Lin and Jonathan Eirich are also attached to produce. Andrea Giannetti will oversee the project for Columbia.

Blaise Hemingway will write the screenplay for the movie, which is being eyed as a potential franchise starter. 

Settlers of Catandesigned by Klaus Teuber, is a tabletop strategy game that is credited for sparking the current resurgence in board games. The game is based on the fictional island of Catan, and the goal is to dominate as much of the land as possible by building settlements and roads based on your available resources. 

Settlers of Catan has sold 25 million copies of the game in 38 languages.