Marvel Cancels 'Shadow of Vader' Comic Series After Writer's Firing

Shadow of Vader Vol 1 Cover - Greg Smallwood Marvel Entertainment - Publicity- P 2018
Greg Smallwood/Marvel Entertainment
The title had been left in limbo following last month's exit of Chuck Wendig.

Following the firing of writer Chuck Wendig, Marvel Entertainment has canceled its Star Wars comic book series Shadow of Vader, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed.

The five-issue series was announced last month at New York Comic Con, scheduled to launch in January 2019, with all five issues to be written by Wendig. The series was absent from Marvel’s January schedule when it was released in October, following Wendig being fired by Marvel over his social media use. At the time, it was believed that the series would be published in some form, especially given that Wendig had completed three of the five scripts, and work was already underway in terms of illustration and production. 

Comic store retailers were first told of the series cancellation on Thursday, with a note from Marvel reading “STAR WARS SHADOW OF VADER #1 (OF 5) & variants (NOV180993-6, $4.99, FOC 12/3/18) and STAR WARS SHADOW OF VADER #2 (OF 5) & variants (NOV180991-2, $3.99, FOC 12/17/18) have been cancelled and will not be resolicited.” Marvel confirmed to THR that the series has been folded.

Shadow of Vader is the second miniseries canceled by Marvel in the time frame between announcement and publication this year, following the September cancellation of The Vision, a six-part series by Chelsea Cain, Marc Mohan and Aud Koch; the reason given by Marvel for the cancellation was a change in publishing plans for the two lead characters in the series. That series, like Shadow of Vader, was partially completed.