Share Your Love with AMC's 'ZombiEcards' Undead Romance App

Walking Dead ZombiEcard - S 2014
<p>Walking Dead ZombiEcard - S 2014</p>
Forget flowers -- this Valentine's Day, you can say it with the undead, thanks to AMC's new "Walking Dead"-related iOS app.

With February just around the corner, thoughts -- and supermarket decorations -- are turning towards the subject of Valentine's Day, and what better way to share your love for that special someone than with the help of the rotting undead?

In the spirit of the season, AMC has launched ZombiEcards, a new iOS app that allows users to customize, create and send Valentines messages featuring zombies from The Walking Dead -- which, coincidentally, returns to TV screens on February 9, just days before the holiday itself.

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If the prospect of using one of the show's zombies doesn't appeal, the app also allows users to import their own photographs from Facebook, their iPhone's camera roll or even from the show's own Dead Yourself app.

The app is available from the iTunes store today.