Meet the New Face of Humanity In Graphic Novel 'Shattered Warrior' (Exclusive Cover Reveal)

The first look at First Second's alien invasion graphic novel is unveiled.
Courtesy of Molly Knox Ostertag/First Second

Everyone is familiar with stories of alien invasions and valiant efforts by humanity to come together and fight back against its oppressors — but what happens after that?

Shattered Warrior, a new graphic novel from First Second Books, explores that question by following 18-year-old Colleen Cavanaugh as she tries to rebuild her life — and her family, which includes best friend Jann and niece Lucy — during the occupation of the Derichets, an alien race that conquered Earth a decade earlier.

Jann has a secret, however: He's a member of a violent underground resistance group called the Chromatti, preparing to fight back against the Derichets. Will Colleen find herself drawn into the rebellion herself, or does she owe it to her niece to stay safe in order to protect her?

The project is the first graphic novel by sci-fi novelist Sharon Shinn, with Strong Female Protagonist co-creator Molly Knox Ostertag providing art. Although the book won't be released until mid-2017, Heat Vision has the exclusive first look at the cover:

Shattered Warrior will be released in May.