Marvel's She-Hulk to Get Traumatic Overhaul in New Comic Book Series

Hulk - P - 2016
Jeff Dakal/Marvel Entertainment
'Hulk' will drop the gendered title and optimistic outlook of previous incarnations of the character.

Since her introduction in 1980, Marvel Entertainment's She-Hulk has served as a counterpoint to her male forerunner; while Bruce Banner considered the Hulk a curse, Jennifer Walters found a new freedom in her green-skinned alter-ego. And now that Amadeus Cho finds his Hulk status to be a fun release, a new comic has been announced that puts a new, darker, spin on the character.

As Marvel editor-in-chief Axel Alonso told The AV Club, where the new series was announced, "The title She-Hulk evokes light-hearted stories about a Jennifer Walters, who is at peace with herself and in full control of her powers…. This isn’t that book."

Instead, it's a series — written by This One Summer's Mariko Tamaki, who's also working on a Supergirl mini-series for DC, with art by Nico Leon — that will focus on Walters' recovery from the trauma she's survived in the current Civil War II series, both physically and emotionally.

"Much of it was inspired by thinking about how different people deal with the hard things that happen in their lives, how memory, trauma, can infuse our whole being, be a physical presence in our lives," Tamaki told the AV Club. "I was really into the idea of a Hulk, of the ability to transform into something close to monstrous that’s still human, and heroic. It was interesting to think about what’s human about Hulk and vice versa."

The new title, simply called Hulk, will launch in December.