Short Film From 'Robopocalypse' Author Gets Kickstarter Campaign (Exclusive)

Daniel H. Wilson Headshot - P 2012
<p>Daniel H. Wilson Headshot - P 2012</p>
The producers of a project based on Daniel H. Wilson’s “The Nostalgist” are seeking a little more than $46,000 for post-production.

Fans of Robopocalypse author Daniel H. Wilson now have the opportunity to give his work the kick start it needs to hit the big screen.

The filmmakers behind a short film adaptation of Wilson’s short story The Nostalgist” have launched a Kickstarter page seeking funds to complete the film, The Hollywood Reporter has learned exclusively. 

The project could eventually become a springboard for a feature film. Shooting has already been completed in London, and the filmmakers are hoping to raise a little more than $46,000 to complete post-production work, including visual effects and music.

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The Nostalgist is from London-based Italian director Giacomo Cimini and producers Pietro Greppi and Tommaso Colognese, with whom he formed Wonder Room Productions. It stars Lambert Wilson, who played the Merovingianin the two sequels to The Matrix, and Samuel Joslin, one of the young actors from The Impossible.

The film centers on a father and son living in the futuristic city of Vanille, which appears to be a paradise but is not as ideal as it seems. The people of Vanille enjoy reality through ImmerSyst eyes™ & ears™ -- but when the father’s eyes™ begin to fail him, he must venture out into a city in which violence brews beneath its beautiful veneer.

The project has its roots in 2009, when Cimini emailed Wilson after reading “The Nostalgist” short story online. Wilson tells THR he watched Cimini’s The City in the Sky and was impressed with his work. The pair decided to work together, and Cimini and his producing partners optioned the short story. For the film, Wilson helped with some of the dialogue and flew to London to be on set for the end of shooting, an experience he calls “awe-inspiring.”

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“I’ll never forget explaining to an actor with a huge make-up scar on his face the backstory on how he got the scar,” Wilson writes in an email. “Through bitter cold, with broken props, and always with the ultimate VFX shots in mind—green screens, glowing dots, prop dolls…you name it!—this team of filmmakers created something amazing.”

The filmmakers are planning on bringing a treatment for a feature length version of The Nostalgist to the Cannes Film Festival next week.

“Wonder Room intends to be deeply involved with the feature version,” says Colognese. “At the same time one of our goals in Cannes is to meet bigger producing and financing partners who could help us package and finance the project on a higher level and work on this with us throughout all its phases.”

The Kickstarter  page  for The Nostalgist can be found here. The fundraising site has been making waves in Hollywood lately, with Rob ThomasVeronica Mars film raising $2 million in less than 24 hours last month. Zach Braff also reached a $2 million goal for I Wish I Was Here, which he will direct.

A big screen adaptation of Wilson’s 2011 bestseller Robopocalypse was once set to be helmed by Steven Spielberg with Anne Hathaway and Chris Hemsworth in talks to star, but the project was postponed indefinitely  in January.