Sigourney Weaver Returns to 'Alien' for 'Isolation' Voice Role

Alien: Isolation Reunion - H 2014
<p>Alien: Isolation Reunion - H 2014</p>   |   The Creative Assembly/Sega
The actress is joined by Tom Skerritt, Harry Dean Stanton and other actors from the original "Alien" movie in new content created for the upcoming video game.

Sigourney Weaver is returning to the role of Ellen Ripley one more time — but not for a new movie in the xenomorphic horror series based on Ridley Scott’s original Alien. Instead, she and other castmembers from the 1979 classic will be reprising their roles as the crew of the Nostromo for the upcoming video game Alien: Isolation.

Weaver will be joined by Tom Skerritt, Harry Dean Stanton, Veronica Cartwright and Yaphet Kotto in lending voices to the re-creation of the original movie as part of additional downloadable content for the game, available to everyone who preorders ahead of its official fall release.

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The “Nostromo Edition” of Isolation features two missions set during the 1979 movie: “Crew Expendable,” which takes place immediately following the death of Brett (Stanton’s character in Scott’s movie) and allows the player to assume the role of Ripley, Dallas or Parker as they try to flush the alien from the air vents of the Nostromo into the airlock, and “Last Survivor,” in which the player assumes Ripley’s role of having to launch the self-destruct sequence of the ship and make it to the shuttle before the ship blows.

Alistair Hope, director of the game, told IGN that reuniting the original cast was key to making these alternate missions work. “It was absolutely critical to have those characters reprising their roles,” he said. “It was unforgettable when Sigourney came in and started being Ellen Ripley again. It was quite special. The real joy was having Sigourney say, 'Ellen would say this.' We'd all look at each other, and say, 'Yes, of course that's what she would say.' That's an insight we couldn't possibly have without working closely with those guys."

Alien: Isolation, which officially centers around the character of Ripley’s daughter Amanda, will be released by Sega for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows platforms this October.