Simon Kinberg on 'Fantastic Four' Failure: "Movies Are Hard to Make"

Producer is disappointed fans didn't dig Josh Trank's take on the comic book heroes.
Courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox

Simon Kinberg still isn't entirely sure what happened with Fox's Fantastic Four, but that hasn't dulled his desire to make a sequel.

Admitting that he was "obviously disappointed" with the response Josh Trank's movie received upon release last month, Kinberg — who wrote and produced the movie — told MTV that he was "most disappointed that fans didn’t like it. I care more about them than I do anyone else. But I haven’t done a full deep dive on it. Do I think it was unfairly treated? I don’t know."

Talking about the behind-the-scenes drama surrounding production on the film, Kinberg told MTV, "There was a lot of attention on the process of making that movie. It’s hard, when you’re making a movie, movies are hard to make. It’s just the reality."

He continued, "We made that movie in the sweltering heat of summer in Baton Rouge and I was there every day of photography. You’re waking up every morning being like, I want to go make a great movie."

Despite the movie's failure at the box office, Kinberg said that he's "really focused" on the sequel originally announced for 2017 before the first movie's release. "I do believe there is a great Fantastic Four movie that we’ve made with that cast," he said about the first outing, and when it comes to a follow-up, "We’re figuring out what that movie would be."