'Skyfall': James Bond Goes for a Dangerous Swim in New Video Blog (Video)

The latest update from the upcoming 007 film highlights the aquatic action that keeps the secret agent very busy and very wet.

"When shooting underwater, make it look exciting, dangerous and real, and the audience, hopefully, will buy it."

That insight from Mike Valentine, the Underwater Director of Photography on Skyfall, sounds like a good rule of thumb for shooting on dry land, too.

In the latest transmission from (long-wrapped) production of the upcoming James Bond flick, viewers are invited to venture into the depths of the massive stunt pool that became Daniel Craig's marine home away from home. Outfitting with floating chunks of ice for what is presumably a scene in the North Atlantic, the 1.2 million gallon pool is a watery reflection of the advanced sets above ground, with high-tech speakers, monitors, bubble jets and state-of-the-art trailers.

(One of those things is not true).

The film is beginning to ramp up its hype machine ahead of its November 9 release, and this week in particular is an important marker, as October 5 marks the 50th anniversary of the release of Dr. No, the Sean Connery-starring film that got 007 off and running (and shooting and womanizing and swilling shaken martinis).