E3: Nintendo Unveils 'Smash Bros. Ultimate,' New 'Mario Party' for Switch

The upcoming 'Smash Bros.' will include every character to every appear in any previous 'Smash' game, plus a few newcomers, and will be available Dec. 7.

Nintendo waited until the morning of E3 to announce their new titles, but for Switch owners, it was worth the wait.

The big news revealed Tuesday is that Smash Bros. Ultimate, a completely new Smash Bros. game (i.e., not a Wii U port of an older title), will feature every character from every previous Smash Bros. games — plus newcomers Ridley (from Metroid) and the inklings from Splatoon, who feature some very interesting gameplay mechanics that require them to constantly refill an ink meter to used their special attacks. Mario princess Daisy was also introduced as a playable character who will mirror Peach.

The game also features tons of new Assist Trophies, levels and gameplay modes, including eight-player melees. But perhaps the most welcome news for serious Smash players is that Nintendo is rereleasing the GameCube controller for Ultimate. The game will be available Dec. 7.

Nintendo also announced Fortnite would be coming to Switch, available for download on the eShop at 10 a.m. Tuesday, meaning the most popular game in the world is now available on every console. 

The other big reveal was a new Mario Party game that utilizes the Switch in interesting ways, like allowing players to play across two Switch consoles on a flat table. It will hit shelves Oct. 5.

Other announcements included a new Fire Emblem game, Three Houses and an in-depth look at the new Pokeball joy-con, and a new DLC for Xenoblade Chronicles 2.