Nintendo Shows Off SNES Classic in Retro '90s Ad

The system is available Sept. 29.
Courtesy of Nintendo of America/Twitter

Welcome back to the '90s.

Hot on the heels of its new Mini SNES system's preorders being available for purchase, gaming giant Nintendo has released a retro trailer for the throwback console in the vein of ads for the original rollout of the Super Nintendo in 1990.

Featuring VHS-style video quality and a ton of classic plastic game cartridges being poured into a blinking, smoking machine, the trailer shows off the new mini system's 20-plus games — including Donkey Kong Country, Street Fighter 2, Super Mario Kart and never-before-released Star Fox 2 — the ad invites viewers to "go back in time" with the new console. 

Along with a rocking, early '90s soundtrack and Nintendo Power font aesthetics, the new trailer also showcases HD gameplay, new features such as saving at any time and hopping between titles, two controllers and a $80 price point.

Good luck beating the crowds at your local Gamestop to lock down a preorder, however, as throngs of Nintendo fanatics swarmed the stores Tuesday to get their hands on a coveted preorder slip.

The system is available Sept. 29.