'Snow White and the Huntsman': Charlize Theron Promises Chris Hemsworth a 'Handsome Reward' (Video)

Snow White and the Huntsman Clip Screengrab - H 2012
<p>Snow White and the Huntsman Clip Screengrab - H 2012</p>
In a new clip, Theron and Hemsworth have a heated discussion about hunting down Snow White in a deadly forest.

Director Rupert Sanders offered further evidence that Snow White and the Huntsman, his interpretation of the classic fairy tale, would be markedly different from Tarsem Singh’s Mirror, Mirror when he premiered a clip from the film Thursday on Yahoo! Movies.

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In the 50-second scene, Charlize Theron and Chris Hemsworth exchange sharp words as she attempts to recruit him to find a young woman – presumably Snow White – who’s disappeared into a dangerous forest.

Unlike the playful, comedic tone of Singh’s film, Sanders’ version of the story is much darker and takes itself more seriously. Theron, a formidable actress in almost any role, is particularly intimidating as Queen Ravenna, as she first promises Hemsworth’s character, The Huntsman, he will be “handsomely rewarded” for his efforts, and then screams her insistence that he help her as her guards threaten him at spearpoint.

Meanwhile, Hemsworth’s reluctance is driven primarily by the fact that the forest Ravenna is referring to is incredibly dangerous, and he’d rather not go there no matter how much he’s being compensated. But it remains to be seen whether her charm, or her authority, prevails over the Huntsman’s common sense.

Watch the clip below, which was released Thursday exclusively on Yahoo! Movies:

Snow White and the Huntsman opens nationwide on June 1, 2012.