Hollywood Geeks Out Over Solar Eclipse

"'Who even IS my eye doctor' I just asked myself while eating a handful of dog food from a very cereal-like box."
Eclipse seen from Oregon's Ochoco National Forest.

Millions all over America on Monday took a few minutes out of their morning to gaze up at the sky and marvel at the total solar eclipse. 

Oohs and ahhs likely filled office buildings and fields alike — and Hollywood was no exception. 

Plenty of celebs posted about how cool it was to see the eclipse, but there were others who went full nerd and had some fun with it. 

From Mark Hamill working off a joke about watching the Death Star overtake Alderaan to Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn comparing the event to Lost, stars got in some good banter. 

Below are some of the best nerd examples Heat Vision found of those who enjoyed the moment with some added sass. 

Of course, not everyone was impressed.