'Solo' Writer Says Lando Is Pansexual

"He doesn't make any hard and fast rules. I think it's fun. I don't know where it will go," screenwriter Jonathan Kasdan says.

Lando Calrissian is pansexual, Solo: A Star Wars Story screenwriter Jonathan Kasdan revealed.

In a recent interview with the Huffington Post, Kasdan and his father, Lawrence Kasdan, who penned the script with him, discussed the character having an open mind with what he likes in the most recent Star Wars film, which stars Alden Ehrenreich as Han Solo and Donald Glover as Lando.

Asked about Lando's possible sexual fluidity ("Is he pansexual?" — i.e. not limited in sexual choice with regard to biological sex, gender or gender identity), the younger Kasdan replied, "I would say yes. There's a fluidity to Donald and Billy Dee Williams' [portrayal of Lando's] sexuality. I mean, I would have loved to have gotten a more explicitly LGBT character into this movie. I think it's time, certainly, for that, and I love the fluidity ― sort of the spectrum of sexuality that Donald appeals to and that droids are a part of."

When Williams played Lando in the original trilogy, he was oozing with charm; he laid it on super thick with Leia. But Glover's Lando is different, Jonathan Kasdan told HuffPost.

"He doesn't make any hard and fast rules. I think it's fun. I don't know where it will go," he said.

The movie does not come out until next week, but some fans did notice in the trailer an exchange between Han and Lando where Glover's character says, "You might want to buckle up, baby."

There is another moment in the film, according to HuffPost, when Lando's droid jokes about his owner's flirty attitude toward Han.

Lawrence Kasdan was a bit more cagey when asked about the instance. "That is her personality. Maybe it means something, maybe it doesn't," he said.

Solo: A Star Wars Story opens May 25.