'Solo': Harrison Ford Crashes Alden Ehrenreich's Interview

Two Hans are better than one.
Harrison Ford and Alden Ehrenreich   |   Entertainment Tonight/Twitter
Two Hans are better than one.

Alden Ehrenreich had a surprise guest drop by while giving an interview about Solo: A Star Wars Story to Entertainment Tonight — Harrison Ford. 

"Get outta my chair," Ford said to a unsuspecting Ehrenreich. "Get out of my life."

Happy to see his Star Wars Han Solo mentor, Ehrenreich got up right away for a hug and handshake. 

Ehrenreich's full interview, including whatever Ford has to say, will air Sunday. 

Ford did not appear at the Hollywood premiere for the film last week, which may have been done on purpose to allow the young star to fully be embraced as the iconic Star Wars  character. 

In previous interviews, Ehrenreich said he met with Ford after being cast as a young Solo and took all the advice he could get on how to be play the role. 

Solo: A Star Wars Story opens May 25. 

Watch Ford crash the interview below: