'Sonjaversal' Takes Red Sonja Into the Multiverse

Jae Lee/Dynamite Entertainment
The February 2021 launch will bring the fan-favorite barbarian character into contact with Blue Sonja, Hell Sonja, Mech Sonja and many more analogs.

Almost half a century after she first appeared, it’s time for the She-Devil with a Sword to find herself… literally. Next year, Dynamite Entertainment is letting Red Sonja face other Red Sonjas from across the multiverse in a comic book series titled, what else, Sonjaversal.

The series — described, somewhat tongue-in-cheek, by the publisher as “the most important comic book to ever come out in the history of the world” — comes from Unbelievable Gwenpool writer Christopher Hastings, and artist Pasquale Qualano, who will bring Red Sonja together with Blue Sonja — “ripped right out of a 1980s action blockbuster,” apparently — as well as Green Sonja, who has a dinosaur as a sidekick, Mecha Pilot Sonja and many other she-devils from throughout reality.

"My favorite projects are the ones where I ask 'How are they letting me do this?' and in this case, Dynamite isn't just letting me do this, they've explicitly asked me to," said writer Christopher Hastings. "Our mission with Sonjaversal is to go as big as possible, and our only enemy is restraint. That said, I'm just the writer, and I can say things like 'Red Sonja jumps out of Blue Sonja's helicopter to drive her sword through Giant Ape Sonja's gargantuan skull!' all day, but it means nothing without Pasquale to make it look amazing. I can't wait for everyone to see what he does with this comic."

Sonjaversal will launch Feb. 2021, with covers for the first issue from Jae Lee, Joseph Michael Linsner, Mayara Sampaio, Will Robson, Drew Moss, Lauren Walsh, and Erica Henderson, as well as a cosplay photo cover featuring Tabitha Lyons. Each of the covers can be seen below.