Sony Debuts 'Endless Swing' Online to Promote 'Amazing Spider-Man 2'

Now you can be a friendly neighborhood web-slinger in this free online game designed to make the web of promotion for May's superhero sequel just a little bit more sticky.
Sony Pictures Entertainment

As the by-now-numerous trailers for Sony's The Amazing Spider-Man 2 have shown, Andrew Garfield's Peter Parker -- in a break from tradition -- really enjoys being Spider-Man. If that makes you a little jealous that you're not Spider-Man, well, there's a easy fix for that.

Endless Swing is a free video game available on the Amazing Spider-Man movie website in which the player guides the web-slinger around New York City while trying to collect giant floating spider icons -- think Sonic the Hedgehog, the author writes while dating himself badly -- before running out of web fluid and falling to an offscreen doom.

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It's a simple enough game, accompanied by the soundtrack from the movie and Garfield dialogue, and another strand of an increasingly large web of online promotion for Marc Webb's second outing with Sony's premiere superhero franchise. With a little over two months left before the movie is released, the mind boggles trying to imagine what's next. Gwen Stacy as iTunes Radio DJ, perhaps? Harry Osborn live-tweeting the Oscars?