Sony Picks Up 'Shadow Run' Spec by Joe Gazzam

Neal Moritz is on board to produce the action thriller.
Neal Moritz is on board to produce the action thriller.

Sony has picked up up Shadow Run, a spec from scribe Joe Gazzam.

The action is put in motion when a viral attack puts lives in danger, forcing a CIA agent to enact a secret prisoner exchange of Russia’s most notorious spy for the American scientist who can create a cure.

It has been described by one source as "Safe House on a plane." Safe House was the hit Universal thriller that starred Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds as a fugitive and a CIA agent forced to team up to stop a conspiracy.

Neal Moritz, who has a first-look deal with the studio, is producing the thriller.

It is unclear is there was a bidding war or if Sony took it off the table.

Gazzam has plenty of genre experience, having worked on the Barbarella remake and on supernatural action project Anubis, set up at Fox, and Cryptozoo at Alcon. He also did uncredited work on 21 Jump Street.

Last year he became an author with Uncaged, about a teen in a Scared Straight troubled youth program that finds himself stuck in prison during a jailbreak.

Gazzam is repped by Paradigm and Industry.