Sony's 'The Green Hornet' Tracking Early and Well

Directed by Michel Gondry and starring Seth Rogen, the action comedy is doing well among teen boys ahead of its January 14 opening.

The holidays aren’t even over and Sony’s superhero pic The Green Hornet is already showing up on tracking, scoring strong interest among teen boys. Young men follow.

Directed by Michel Gondry and starring Seth Rogen, Green Hornet opens nationwide Jan. 14. But January films don’t usually pop up on tracking until after Christmas films have cleared.

Sony insiders say that while the film is drawing support across the board, teen boys debuted with a 23 first choice and young men, 19. Those are high numbers, and usually associated with summer event titles, according to the studio. Of course, tracking is never a guarantee that sustained interest will translate to strong box office. A lot can change in the next three weeks.

That said, Sony says Green Hornet also is screening well.

See the trailer below: