'South Park' Mocks Trump's Incessant, Reckless Tweeting

South Park Trump Tweet - H 2017
Comedy Central
The show never actually uses the "T" word, calling him the president, but it is clear that Mr. Garrison is still the character.

Trump is back on South Park — kind of. 

The Comedy Central cartoon made fun of the president's incessant tweeting, specifically about North Korea, in the episode titled "Put it Down."

Essentially, the most high-strung child in town (Tweek) is having a meltdown daily about the saber-rattling between the U.S. and North Korea, which is exacerbated by the show's version of Trump tweeting outlandish insults at Kim Jong-un, daring him to attack. 

The show never says "Trump," just calling him the president, but it is clear in his Twitter avatar it is still Mr. Garrison. 

In one instance, Tweek bakes cupcakes for the North Korea leadership in hopes of showing them the U.S. is not all like Trump. When the show's president learns of Tweek's nice deed, he tweets: "I know that kid Tweek, he's fucking with you North Korea. Get a clue. I bet he took a dump in the batter." 

Mixing in other dueling story threads about Erik threatening to commit suicide just for attention and other kids at South Park Elementary working on their campaign to stop distracted driving, the episode ends with everyone asking the president to take the pledge to put down his phone. In their song, random townspeople take the pledge that, should they ever become president, they won't be distracted by their phone. Hillary Clinton makes a quick cameo to take the pledge, to which the chorus replies "No one cares." 

Show creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone said before the season began they were going to lay off Trump jokes as last season became too heavy due to the actual presidential outcome.