'Spencer and Locke' Returning For New Comic Book Series (Exclusive)

Spencer and Locke 3 Teaser-  Jorge Santiago, Jr. - Publicity - h 2019
Courtesy of Jorge Santiago, Jr.
Action Lab Comics are behind the title, which is a spin on 'Calvin & Hobbes'.

There’s still danger to be found in the funny pages, with noir comic book Spencer and Locke returning for a third series.

The original series was originally unveiled by The Hollywood Reporter ahead of its New York Comic Con debut in 2016, making it all the more fitting for THR to have the first teaser for the third outing for David Pepose and Jorge Santiago Jr.’s acclaimed series that parodies iconic newspaper strips by transforming them into noir-esque characters for brutal crime stories. (Spencer & Locke are a spin on Calvin & Hobbes; the second series featured an analog for Beetle Bailey.)

Pepose and Santiago are keeping quiet about what to expect from the third series beyond releasing this teaser image, but they did let slip that the tagline for the series is, “His partner was imaginary… but the reckoning is all real.”

It’s worth noting that the image recreates the cover of the first issues of both previous series — the toy version of Spencer, battered and holding a smoking gun — but this version makes three additions: An orange cat’s head, a rat peeking around the corner of Spencer’s foot and some discarded peanut shells… If only there were some obvious newspaper strip parallels to found there…

More information about Spencer and Locke 3 will be released soon. Pepose and publisher Action Lab Comics will be at New York Comic Con at booth 3044 from Oct. 3 through Oct. 6 in the Javits Center.