Spider-Man Comes to Disneyland in November

Marvel's wall-crawling superhero will make his U.S. debut at a Disney resort in Anaheim's Super Hero HQ.
Sony Pictures
'The Amazing Spider-Man 2'

Spider-Man is on the move next month, with New York's favorite wall-crawler coming west for his American debut as a Disney resort character as part of the opening of Super Hero HQ in Anaheim's Disneyland theme park.

The character's addition was announced by Walt Disney Parks and Resorts' Shawn Slater in a blog post Tuesday morning; he'll act as greeter for the newly opened feature, which will also feature Thor and Iron Man Tech Presented by Stark Industries, centering on two of Marvel Studios' core Avengers. Captain America, however, will be missing from the exhibit, according to Slater, who explained that the star-spangled hero "is leading the Avengers on a new mission and won't be available at Disneyland this fall."

What Spider-Man's new home means for his appearances in Universal Studios Orlando — home to The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man attraction since 1999 — remains unclear; Disney has held theme park rights to the character on the West Coast since acquiring Marvel, so it's possible that nothing will change as part of the new arrangement. (Universal Orlando didn't respond to a request for comment from THR.)

This will actually be Spider-Man's second Disney appointment; the Marvel superhero started working directly for the Mouse at Disneyland Paris, where he's appeared since summer 2014. Super Hero HQ, complete with a friendly neighborhood webhead, opens at Disneyland Nov. 16.