'Spider-Man Homecoming' Trailer Teaser Shows Intense Jet Engine Scene

It is short but oh-so-sweet. 

On Monday, Sony released a short teaser for a longer Spider-Man Homecoming trailer due out Tuesday. 

The snippet is only six seconds long, but it shows Peter Parker's gadget, the Spider-Tracer, and what appears to be Michael Keaton's Vulture attempting to kill our hero by having him sucked into a jet engine mid-air. 

The first trailer dropped last December.

Tom Holland reprises his role as Parker/Spider-Man in the Marvel Studios/Sony film, which also stars Robert Downey Jr., Zendaya, Keaton and Marisa Tomei.

Last week, Sony released three new Spider-Man Homecoming posters to further pump up fans for the July 7 release. 

The most popular new poster among fans seems to be the first one, which captures oh-so-perfectly the teenage superhero as he chills in view of the Avengers Tower, listening to his headphones. The tagline for that poster is "Homework can wait. The city can't."

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