'Spider-Man Homecoming' Trailer Shows Wild Aerial Battle With Vulture

It appears there's going to be at least one intense fight in the sky between Spidey and villain Vulture in the upcoming Spider-Man Homecoming.

The second full-length trailer for the Marvel/Sony superhero film, due out this summer, gives a bitter glimpse of the bad guy Spider-Man is up against. Fans also get to see some cool Spidey tech from the comics in the form of the Spider-Tracer.

The film, out July 7, is the first standalone to star the latest incarnation of Spider-Man, played by Tom Holland. The movie also stars Robert Downey Jr., Zendaya, Marisa Tomei and Michael Keaton (as Vulture).

The first trailer for Homecoming dropped last December. The new posters for the film were released last week.