'Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse' Sequel Sets Spring 2022 Release Date

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse-Publicity -H 2019
<p>Sony's 'Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.'</p>   |   Sony Pictures Releasing/Photofest
The film hits theaters April 8, 2022.

Sony has set a date for Miles Morales to websling back into theaters. The sequel to Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse will hit theaters April 8, 2022.

In addition to the Spider-Verse sequel date, Sony has moved back Vivo, an animated musical featuring songs from Lin-Manuel Miranda. It will now open April 16, 2021, back from its previous date of Nov. 6, 2020.

The original Spider-Verse won the Oscar for best animated feature, and was praised for its innovative animation style and inclusive storytelling. The film voice starred Shameik Moore as Miles Morales, a teenager who takes up the mantel of Spider-Man after the death of Peter Parker. He ends up teaming up with a group of Spider-powered heroes (including a middle-aged Peter Parker from another dimension) in order to stop the Kingpin (Liev Schreiber). The voice cast also included Jake Johnson, Hailee Steinfeld, Mahershala Ali and Brian Tyree Henry and was produced by Phil Lord and Chris Miller, who return for the sequel. 

So far, the Spider-Verse sequel has the date to itself. For Sony, Spider-Man remains its most important IP. The live-action Spider-Man: Far From Home, which it produced with Marvel Studios, became Sony's highest grossing film over the summer with $1.13 billion globally. Sony also has a Venom sequel in the works with Tom Hardy, as well as another Spider-Man spinoff, Jared Leto's Morbius, coming up.

On the animation front, the studio is also keen on expanding. In December, The Hollywood Reporter reported that in addition to the Spider-Verse sequel, Sony is developing a female-centric spinoff.