'Amazing Spider-Man' Star Andrew Garfield on Starstruck Encounter With Oprah: 'I Had No Idea I Loved Her So Much' (Video)

On Monday's "Live With Kelly and Michael" the actor also was surprised by a clip of his first acting role in a Spanish Doritos commercial.
Evan Agostini/Invision/AP
Andrew Garfield

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 star Andrew Garfield may play an iconic superhero on the big screen, but there is a small-screen icon that still makes him starstruck: Oprah Winfrey.

The actor explained how he was in awe of the mogul when he saw her eating breakfast at his hotel recently.

"I have no awareness of anything apart from the fact that it was Oprah," he said during a Monday appearance on Live With Kelly and Michael. "Like everything, literally, I melted away, the room melted away, and it was just like Oprah and sunlight and some kind of Godsend."

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Garfield added that he didn't think he'd be so starstruck by her.

"I didn't expect it. It came out of nowhere," he said. "I had no idea I loved her so much until I was actually in the same room as her."

Garfield received an on-air surprise when the show aired a clip of his first on-camera role.

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Garfield seemed to know what was coming when Michael Strahan asked him about his acting debut. He stalled for a bit before he finally saying, "I'm not ashamed. I did a great commercial for Doritos in Spain."

He added that in the commercial he played air guitar with a Dorito as a pick.

But when Strahan revealed the ad, Garfield jokingly shouted, "I will kill you!"

Garfield also told a story about playing basketball with a couple of kids while he was filming the Amazing Spider-Man sequel in New York City's Chinatown -- and their not-so-excited reaction to seeing the superhero.

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Garfield explained that he went up to the kids in his suit, thinking they'd freak out when they saw it was Spider-Man.

"I imagined the response was just going to be mouth agape … like when I saw Oprah," he said. "I was going to be the Oprah of that scenario."

But the kids weren't that impressed. When Spider-Man asked them if he could shoot hoops with them, they just looked at him and said, "Yeah, OK."

"And then I just felt bad because for 20 minutes I was just intruding on their one-on-one time," Garfield said.

Watch part of Garfield's interview on Live below.