'Spider-Man' Star Tom Holland Admits He's Never Seen 'Empire Strikes Back'

Tom Holland - Spider Man Homecoming Trailer 2 Still - H 2017
"I just for some reason skipped the original 'Star Wars'."

Oh, Tom Holland. If you were anyone else, those would be fightin' words. 

It was with some reluctant bravery the new Spider-Man star admitted in a recent interview with Yahoo! Movies he has never seen The Empire Strikes Back.

This is pretty egregious, but it is also wonderfully ironic since some of Spider-Man's best lines in Capitan America: Civil War are when his character is explaining how taking out a Giant-Man will be like taking out an AT-AT on Hoth in "that really old movie." 

"I'm not a huge Star Wars fan," Holland told Yahoo! Movies. "I am a fan of the new ones. I thought Rogue One and Force Awakens were dope ... I just for some reason skipped the original Star Wars." 

Holland has seen the prequels, he admitted. 

“And I’m even more embarrassed to say that I loved those movies when I was a kid," said Holland. "Everyone’s like, ‘What? You liked those movies?!‘ But I thought they were great.”

Holland returns as the web slinger in the highly anticipated Spider-Man Homecoming, due out July 7.