Spider-Man's Aunt May Will Get Her Own Comic Strip

The character has been the subject of a few rumors this week
Cale Atkinson/Marvel Entertainment
The character has been the subject of a few rumors this week

Peter Parker’s long-suffering Aunt May will be getting the comic book spotlight in next month’s Amazing Spider-Man Annual.

The character has been in the news plenty this week. Rumors were kickstarted when Latino Review posted a story that Sony was prepping a solo feature starring Sally Field’s character, describing the project as “some sort of espionage story in the vein of AMC’s Mad Men.”

The story was later deemed a "silly rumor [with] no validity whatsoever," Comic Book Resources reported, citing a Sony source. 

That doesn’t mean that comics’ favorite aunt won’t have her day in the sun, however. Marvel Entertainment has announced that cartoonist Cale Atkinson will be writing and drawing a two-page strip titled A-May-Zing Spider-Aunt for the Dec. release of Amazing Spider-Man Annual No. 1.

Calling the character “Spidey’s most uncontrollable super power,” Atkinson joked that “One minute she may be helping Spidey fight off villains with a frying pan and the next calling an insect exterminator on him! With great May-power comes great May-sponsibility. Yeah that’s right, I just said that.”

Sure, it’s not a big-budget movie, but it’s a start. Aunt May: The Movie by 2024, anybody?

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