Sony Launches 'Spider-Verse' Christmas Album

Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse Exclusive Movie Clip Other Spider People - H 2018
'A Very Spidey Christmas' was a joke in the film, but now it's a five-song EP.

A week after release, Sony’s Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse revealed one more gift for the world — the release of a version of the A Very Spidey Christmas album glimpsed in the movie.

Sadly, the version released Friday via Spotify and Apple Music isn’t a full album, but a five-track EP featuring castmembers of the movie indulging in a little seasonal fun. Two of the tracks feature Chris Pine’s Peter Parker — including “Spidey-Bells (A Hero’s Lament),” as heard during the movie’s end credits — while “Deck the Halls” lets Jake Johnson let rip against the cheesiest of seasonal backings.

The EP’s opener, “Joy to the World,” sees Miles Morales (Shameik Moore) complaining about the cost of being a Spider-Man, literally; “And literally I don’t get paid/ Kinda weird that I don’t get paid /I make my own web-fluid and it’s not free, OK?” he sings. (Don’t worry; he has a solution for this problem soon enough.)

The final track on the album, “The Night Before Christmas 1967,” is read by Jorma Taccone, who voices the Spider-Man of 1967 in the post-credit sequence with a performance that just might make Spider-Man 1967 the most anticipated potential spinoff from Spider-Verse. Where else will we hear about why throwing up on train tracks is “not a good look...for Spider-Man”?

A Very Spidey Christmas is available to stream below.