Stacker Pizzacost: Idris Elba's Sci-Fi Origins Revealed

FILM: Idris Elba
<p>Idris Elba (UTA, Anonymous, the U.K.&#39;s Ken Mcreddie, Felker Toczek) and Taraji P. Henson (Vincent Cirrincione, Stone Meyer) will star in &quot;No Good Deed,&quot; a thriller from Screen Gems. British helmer Sam Miller will direct.</p>   |   Jason Merritt/Getty Images
Nothing stays hidden on the Internet, as proven by the recent re-emergence of Idris Elba's first foray into outer space almost two decades ago.

With appearances in this summer's Pacific Rim, the upcoming Thor: The Dark World and last summer's Prometheus, you might think that Idris Elba's science fiction credibility is a fairly recent thing -- but as a clip of his second-ever television role demonstrates, Elba's pretty experienced when it comes to working in space.

Death and Taxes uncovered this cameo from Elba from 1994's Space Precinct, in which the future The Wire and Luther actor seems appropriately embarrassed and ill-tempered in the small role of space pizza deliveryman.

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Not that you can hear that in his performance, of course; the producers of the short-lived show -- created by Thunderbirds and Space: 1999 creator Gerry Anderson, it lasted just 24 episodes -- clearly had a very specific idea of what a futuristic pizza astronaut sounded liked, and had Elba's dialogue dubbed in an impressively unsubtle way.

The result is something that you almost can't believe made it on the air -- but feel oddly grateful that it did, nonetheless. Someone, somewhere, is already planning an Internet petition for a Space Precinct spinoff starring Elba's unnamed pizzanaut. Get us a Dominic West cameo as his John Carter character and I'm in.