Stan Lee Will Be A Playable Character in 'The Amazing Spider-Man' Video Game (Video)

<p>Comics creator Stan Lee (CAA, Arthur Lieberman) and his POW! Entertainment have inked deals with YouTube and media company EQAL. POW! is creating a YouTube channel called Stan Lee&#39;s World of Heroes, which will be a joint venture with Michael Eisner&#39;s digital studio Vuguru.</p>   |   Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
The comics legend will make his first controllable debut in publisher Activision's movie tie-in.

Stan Lee created Spider-Man, and now he'll get to fight alongside him.

The creative mind behind some of Marvel Comics' most iconic characters, Lee told the blog Addict of Fiction that he will, for the first time, appear digitally as a playble option in a video game, as developer Beenox has included him in its upcoming Amazing Spider-Man tie-in title.

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Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter last November, Lee described what he thinks is required for a positive gaming experience.

"A good video game needs great characters that the player can relate to and great powers that the characters have," he said, "which are visually exciting and fun to use when you’re holding that controller, hitting those keys, and making the character do what he has to do. They also love great backgrounds. The players also love themes they haven’t played before"

Lee appeared as a narrator in the tie-in game for the first movie of last decade's Spider-Man film franchise. He also regularly makes cameos in the films based on his creations, which he will do again in Marc Webb's reboot The Amazing Spider-Man, which stars Andrew Garfield as the wall crawler and Emma Stone as his girlfriend Gwen Stacy.