Stan Lee's Chinese Superhero Project Scores 'Enchanted' Producer

Annihilator Concept Art -P 2013
<p>Annihilator Concept Art -P 2013</p>   |   Magic Storm Entertainment
The co-production of Lee's Magic Storm and the Chinese state-run National Film Capital has enlisted the former Sony exec in an attempt to launch an international franchise.

Barry Josephson is joining Stan Lee in his great journey east.

The former Sony exec and independent producer has come aboard to produce The Annihilator, the Chinese superhero film from the mind of the comics legend. Josephson, who has produced Enchanted for Disney as well as the Fox series Bones in recent years, joins what will be the first project financed by a co-production deal between Magic Storm Entertainment (which counts Lee's POW! among its partners) and the Chinese state-run National Film Capital.

The Annihilator, which will be written by Bourne Legacy and Real Steel scribe Dan Gilroy, is the story of "a young Chinese expatriate named Ming, who must choose between remaining in prison or enlist in a secret U.S. super soldier program." After a grueling gauntlet of tests and experiments, Ming survives thanks to "his extreme resolve, gained as a result of his family’s tradition of practicing Qijong and martial arts."

The film, which reportedly will cost between $100 million and $150 million and be in English with some Mandarin scenes, is the first of several projects that will be funded in part by National Film Capital.

Lee co-created some of the most legendary -- and lucrative -- Marvel characters, from Spider-Man to the Fantastic Four and Iron Man. Disney is co-producing the third Iron Man movie, due out later this year, with China's DMG Entertainment, and filmed scenes in the country, as well.