Thanks to VR, You Can Spend Comic-Con with Stan Lee (Even If You Aren't in San Diego)

Cosmic Crusdaders - H 2016
Courtesy of Legend VR
The Hindsight VR App launches Thursday and allows fans to watch the new series 'Cosmic Crusaders' in the comics legend's living room.

Getting to spend one-on-one time with Stan Lee is the Holy Grail for any comic book fan.

Now, thanks to the Hindsight VR app and the new animated series Stan Lee's Cosmic Crusaders, fans can get the next best thing. A virtual reality experience from Legend VR launching Thursday allows fans to watch the series in Lee's living room, with Stan the Man himself. The Hindsight VR app, which can be used with the VR headset of your choice, is available in the Google & iOS app stores now. 

"I can't wait for everyone to see what the wizards at Legend 3D has created for our new series Cosmic Crusaders!" Lee says of the experience. "Turning me into virtual reality, wow, what will they think of next! This is truly a unique experience for both me and comic book fans, you won't want to miss this!"

The Legend VR team brought a demo of the experience to The Hollywood Reporter's Los Angeles offices last week, and the experience (to use a Lee adjective), uncanny.

To make the VR experience, Lee shot for a day, and the Legend VR team says though they had a script, Lee ended up improvising most of his lines.

"That was pure gold. It was way better than what was written. He came to life and said, 'Just say 'action' and I'll hit my mark,' " says Will Maurer vp, business development, 2D VFX and VR at Legend 3D. "When you put the goggles on and see him next to you, sometimes more people watch him than the show."

In addition to the new VR experience, the third of four episodes that are premiering through Friday is now available at thr.com/cosmic.The series is produced by Lee's POW! Entertainment, in partnership with THR and global brand management company Genius Brands International. It comes as THR is launching its Comic-Con issue, which includes THR's special salute, "Stan Lee: 75 Years in the Business." 

Catch all the available episodes of Cosmic Crusaders by clicking the banner below. And in case you missed it, check out Heat Vision's interview with Deadpool co-creator Fabian Nicieza, who wrote the episodes based on a concept from Lee.