Star Tours Reopens at Disneyland and Disney World With New 'Last Jedi' Adventures

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One of the adventures will take place partly on Crait, the new planet featured in 'Last Jedi' trailers.

Here we go again. 

Star Tours reopens this week at Disneyland and Disney’s Hollywood Studios on Friday. 

A new adventure has been added straight out of the highly anticipated sequel The Last Jedi

It was revealed on Tuesday that the adventures will take place partly on Crait, the new planet featured in Last Jedi trailers. A couple of shots from the new storyline were also shared. 

There is another secret Disney alluded to, but their lips are sealed as to what for now. 

Star Tours debut at Disneyland in 1987, and at the time, ironically, was the only ride based on a non-Disney property. As new films came out, after Disney purchased Lucasfilm in 2012, new adventures, such as from The Force Awakens, were added.