'Star Trek 3' Won't Forget Where the Franchise Started, Says Simon Pegg

Giving Her All She's Got
<p>Back again is <strong>Simon Pegg</strong> as Montgomery Scott -- also known as Scotty, the ship&#39;s fiesty chief engineer.</p>   |   Paramount Pictures
"We'd watch a couple of episode of the original series, just to reacquaint ourselves."

For those hoping that the next Star Trek movie will be an appropriate 50th anniversary tribute to the original series, Simon Pegg — who's co-writing the screenplay in addition to returning as Scotty — promises that he's at least trying to make that happen.

"That's the plan," Pegg told MTV at CinemaCon, where he was promoting this summer's Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation. "Doug and I — Doug Jung, who I'm writing it with — we had a really intense session a couple weeks ago, where he came to stay at my house, and every evening, when we'd done enough work … we'd go and we'd sit and we'd watch a couple of episode of the original series, just to reacquaint ourselves with it a little bit."

The original Trek, he went on, was "an incredible show. ... We think of Star Trek as this huge thing, and it started out as these little thoughtful plays, you know … dealing with incredibly human and intellectual ideas."

Pegg also told MTV that he "thinks" that Idris Elba will appear in the movie, although he didn't go as far as to fully confirm his appearance, saying "As far as I know, that's happening," joking, "I read these things on the Internet!." He said that if cast, Elba would play an all-new character unfamiliar to audiences. 

The next Star Trek movie will be released in 2016.