'Star Trek Beyond:' Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Shares Video in Alien Makeup for His Cameo

Jeff_Bezos_Star_Trek_Twitter - H 2016
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The billionaire CEO of Amazon has a cameo in the new Star Trek installment.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos gave Star Trek fans a little taste of what to expect from his upcoming cameo in the next installment of the sci-fi franchise. 

The billionaire posted a Vine on Tuesday that shows him in full alien makeup. He holds his water bottle up to the camera and says "cheers" before cutting into and taking a bite of what appears to be ham and peas. 

Earlier that day, Star Trek Beyond director Justin Lin posted a photo of Bezos in full costume alongside actress Lydia Wilson, who plays Kalara in the upcoming flick. 

Lin and producer J.J. Abrams confirmed earlier this month that Bezos, a vocal Star Trek fan, would make an appearance in the film, noting that he arrived with "a big entourage" and waited patiently for his scene. Star Chris Pine admitted that he didn't recognize Bezos but knew "he was obviously very important." 

Star Trek Beyond hits theaters July 22 and is celebrating its world premiere Wednesday at San Diego Comic-Con. Follow Heat Vision on Twitter @HeatVisionBlog for the latest from the premiere.