'Star Trek Beyond': On-Set Footage Reveals New Costumes, New Character

Star Trek Beyond Footage Chris Pine - H 2015
<p>Star Trek Beyond Footage Chris Pine - H 2015</p>
Things are changing in the 23rd century.

When exploring new frontiers in space, it's best to look as good as you can — which might explain the new uniforms on display in next year's Star Trek Beyond.

On-set footage shot by ScreenCrush revealed both Chris Pine's Captain Kirk and Anton Yelchin wearing Starfleet uniforms unlike anything seen in the franchise previously — something that is, in itself, noteworthy given that previous uniforms have drawn from both the original TV series and 1979's Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

Gone are the multi-colored shirts of the past, replaced by a more utilitarian mix of blue and yellow jackets, knee-pads and boots. (Their closest Trek equivalents, at least in terms of color-choices, are the jumpsuits of Star Trek: Enterprise, although design-wise they look not too dissimilar to Star-Lord's costume in Guardians of the Galaxy.) This doesn't mean that the traditional look has been entirely abandoned, however; the footage also features Simon Pegg's Scotty, wearing a version of the uniform as appeared in the previous two movies.

There's another surprise in the footage: the first look at Sofia Boutella's mysterious character, who is an alien with facial tattoos that don't match anything seen in earlier Trek adventures. Based on this first glimpse, Star Trek Beyond is indeed searching for new frontiers, visually, at least.

The movie, directed by Fast and Furious franchise director Justin Lin, is scheduled for release July 2016.