'House of Lies'' Ben Schwartz on Making Sound Effects for J.J. Abrams' New 'Star Trek' (Video)

Ben Schwartz Bad Robot - H 2013
<p>Ben Schwartz Bad Robot - H 2013</p>
In a new video from Bad Robot, the actor claims he's a loud part of the upcoming sequel.

Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto are the actor stars of the summer tentpole Star Trek Into Darkness, but the unsung hero of the J.J. Abrams sequel is none other than actor-comedian Ben Schwartz.

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In a behind-the scenes video posted to Twitter by Abrams' production company, Bad Robot, the House of Lies star reveals that he is in charge of the ADR for the action sequences in the film. Besides the movie’s intense physical scenes, the director also relies on Schwartz to voice the less strenuous, day-to-day activities of Pine’s Captain Kirk. Most notably, eating pudding.  

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Schwartz goes on to clarify that the gunshots of the Star Trek phasers are not computer-generated sound effects (a common misconception) but actually are  the comedian rapidly repeating the phrase “whoa boy!”

You can hear Schwartz's ADR work in Star Trek Into Darkness, which hits theatricals May 17.

Watch the video here.