'Star Trek Into Darkness' Designer Reveals Klingon Birthing Process

Neville Page -- who also has worked on "Avatar," "Green Lantern" and "Cloverfield" -- shares some of the design work behind reinventing the classic "Star Trek" villains for this summer's movie.
Paramount Pictures

They may only have appeared on screen for a short time in Star Trek Into Darkness, but creature designer Neville Page has given us a much closer look at his Klingons by sharing the development work for the design on his website.

"This was a very important assignment for me because I knew how important it was to the fans of the franchise," Page wrote on his site, describing the final look as "a delicate balance of respecting the established looks from previous incarnations yet delivering something appropriate for JJ's film."

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The look he came up with certainly owes much to the ridge-headed Klingons of the 1980s-era of Trek, but Page wasn't joking about finding a balance between all established looks: Look at that fine facial hair on show, which is prime Original Series material, after all. It's almost enough to make you wish that we'd had some more Klingon action in Into Darkness, isn't it? Ah well, maybe in the third movie.