'Star Trek': Five Episodes to Remember Leonard Nimoy's Spock

There was much more to Spock than simply a raised eyebrow and knowing smirk.

If the death of Leonard Nimoy has you in the mood to revisit some Star Trek, here are some of the best Spock episodes of the original run, showcasing a young Nimoy in action (quite literally, in a couple of cases).

The Menagerie
Season 1, Episodes 11 and 12: Spock goes rogue and hijacks the Enterprise in an attempt to pay off a debt of honor in this two-parter that not only reuses footage from the unscreened original pilot, but demonstrates that there’s much more to Spock that his initial, dry emotionless appearances might have suggested. The chance to see the Nimoy of two different eras playing two different incarnations of the same character is oddly thrilling.

Amok Time
Season 2, Episode 1: When Spock starts acting out of character, it turns out it’s because of his need to complete a mating ritual on his home world — giving the show a reason to (finally!) reveal some of the character’s home planet.

The Immunity Syndrome
Season 2, Episode 18: The destruction of a starship crewed entirely by Vulcans means that Spock “experiences” the death of more than 400 of his race via telepathic empathy, but what caused their demise?

Journey Into Babel
Season 2, Episode 10: Even a race of logical beings who have evolved past the need for emotion can have father issues, as this episode — which introduces Spock’s father and stepmother, before turning into a murder mystery of sorts — demonstrates.

Is There in Truth No Beauty?
Season 3, Episode 5: Beyond a plot that involves Spock becoming involved with an alien being who wants the Enterprise for himself — in other words, a regular Thursday for the crew of the starship — this episode introduces “IDIC,” the concept of “Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations” in Vulcan philosophy that was created as a chance to sell merchandise to fans but later embraced by fandom as a symbol of being able to embrace the differences between people as a positive thing.

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