'Star Trek,' 'Star Wars,' 'Alien,' 'Ghostbusters' Props Score Sky-High Prices at Auction

Star Trek Yellow Shirt - P 2012
<p>Star Trek Yellow Shirt - P 2012</p>
Top sales include an "Aliens" model for $276K, a Storm Trooper helmet for $276K, a 'Ghosbusters' Proton Pack for $169K, Prof X's chair for $135K and Capt. Kirk's Jersey for $80K.

An auction of Hollywood props and memorabilia conducted by Profiles in History had fans paying top dollar for prized pieces.

A drop ship model from 1986's Aliens sold for  $276,750 ($225,000 plus $51,750 for buyer's premium and taxes). The model, built at Pinewood Studies in London, was one of two primary filming miniatures for the movie and evidences the wear and tear of eight months of filming. Profiles in History called it "the finest piece any collector could aspire to find from this revered science fiction franchise." (See below).

A Snowtrooper helmet used in Star War V: The Empire Strikes Back sold for $276,750 ($225,000 plus $51,750 as buyer's premium and taxes).  This helmet appeared on screen in the Hoth battle scenes. Profiles in HIstory says it is the only one known to be offered for public sale. (See below).

A mini-model of Luke Skywalker's X-Wing fighter used in the same movie went for $221,400 ($180,000 plus $41,400 premium). 

A screen-used Ghostbusters proton pack sold for $169,900--the only prop of this type ever offered for public sale. The pack is 33-inches tall and features a removable wand.

The wheelchair Patrick Stewart used as Professor X in all three X-Men movies went for $135,300 ($110,000 plus 25,300 premium).  The fully functional wheelchair is made from fiberglass and aluminum on top of a repurposed automated wheelchair motor.  20th Century Fox sold the wheelchair after the release of the first X-Men movie and then had to rent it back for X2 and X3 when the studio realized it was its only working model.

A screen-used Captain Kirk tunic from the original Star Trek series sold for $98,400 ($80,000 plus $18,400 premium). The jersey was given to a fan touring the set in the late sixties, when the show was still in production, and has been in storage ever since. Experts authenticated the piece based on the fabric, screen-matched sewing lines and its rare Japanese-made zipper, among other things.

Other items selling for high prices include an alien bug model from Starship Troopers for $104,550, a flame thrower from Alien for $86,100, and a Terminator mask from the sequel Terminator 2: Judgment Day for $79,990.

See the complete results at Profiles in History's website here.