'Star Wars: Battlefront' to Add Cloud City, Tatooine and Death Star Settings This Year

New expansion packs have been unveiled for the videogame set in a galaxy far, far away.
EA Star Wars

After a launch that gave fans the chance to visit some of their favorite Star Wars locations — including Hoth, Endor and, courtesy of the game's first DLC addition, The Force Awakens' Jakku —Star Wars: Battlefront will add all-new locations this year, including one that definitely isn't a moon.

Announced by the game's senior producer, DICE's Sigurlina Ingvarsdottir on the game's official blog Tuesday, four digital expansions packs are planned for the next twelve months, starting with an Outer Rim pack in March, which will add Jabba's Palace and the factories of Sullust (as seen on animated spin-off Star Wars: The Clone Wars) to the number of locations playable as either Rebel or Imperial forces in the game.

Following that, summer will see the release of a Bespin pack, giving fans the chance to destroy the Cloud City visited in 1980's The Empire Strikes Back, with fall bringing what might be the most exciting update to date: a Death Star pack. Additionally, a fourth, unnamed, pack is due "early 2017."

Each pack will be available separately or as part of the Season Pass to the game, which is currently available and also offers weaponry and other material exclusive to Season Pass customers.

Star Wars: Battlefront launched Nov. 17 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms, with the Force Awakens-related Battle of Jakku expansion pack following Dec. 18.