'Star Wars Card Trader' App Digitizes Your Childhood Bubblegum Habit

The iOS app will offer digital editions of classic trading cards as well as all-new releases.

Prepare yourself for a double-dose of nostalgia. Not only will fans get to return to a galaxy far, far away when Star Wars: The Force Awakens is released in theaters later this year, but they can also return to a childhood pastime of trading Star Wars cards while they wait, thanks to Topps' new Star Wars: Card Trader app for iOS devices.

The app turns the thrill of collecting bubblegum cards featuring characters and scenes from the Star Wars movies into a digital experience, with virtual cards replacing the original Topps cards, alongside all-new material drawing from the 30+ years of the franchise to date.

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"Folks who came of age with the original movies will love the familiarity and the ability to again collect those sets we had when we were younger," Michael Bramlage, VP of digital for Topps, told USA Today, "plus we're going to have a younger generation who are digital natives and it's a great way for them to rediscover the older movies and collect older sets that were around before they were even born."

He went on to say that the app is "really honoring the spirit of not only the older Star Wars movies, but obviously the upcoming, perhaps most anticipated movie ever," with Topps "trying to push the envelope on what a digital card can be, exploring all manner of animation and effects and graphics work" for future cards to be released.

As with the original analog experience, cards are available for purchase but can also be traded with others. (Three different levels of card packs are available to buy in-app, with users also receiving one pack for free every day that they check in.) "We want this to be an experience that any Star Wars fan can enjoy and one that doesn't require any money to enjoy it," Bramlage explained.


The app is available for iOS devices now.

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