'Star Wars': Carrie Fisher Tells Daisy Ridley "Don't Be A Slave Like I Was"

Carrie Fisher Gold Bikini - H 2015
Leia's advice to the new star of the space opera series: Watch what you wear.

Carrie Fisher has some advice for Star Wars newcomer Daisy Ridley: Don't let anyone put you in a slave outfit, no matter what.

The comment comes in a freewheeling conversation between the two actors that appears in the latest issue of Interview Magazine. Fisher, who describes herself at one point as Ridley's "predecessor," dispenses wisdom to the star of upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens, including how to deal with quickly becoming a merchandisable figure.

"I want you and I to go to Vegas with all the [merchandise] and act like we're normal people carrying Star Wars suitcases that they just sent me — hats, dresses," she proposes. "We will be put in a mental asylum, but it will be a very popular one after we get there." (Ridley describes that suggestion as "the best pan," adding "I'm down." Consider yourself warned, Vegas.)

That leads on to Fisher talking about Ridley's upcoming sex symbol status, something the latter actor admits that she's "a bit" uncomfortable talking about. "You should fight for your outfit," Fisher replies. "Don't be a slave like I was." When Ridley agrees, Fisher repeats, "You keep fighting against that slave outfit."

And suddenly a legion of fanboys cried out in terror at the idea of not seeing Ridley wear this iconic outfit, before being silenced.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens opens Dec. 18.