Carrie Fisher Used Fluent French in 1977 to Note the Lack of Strong Film Female Characters

Carrie Fischer Interview 1977 - Screenshot - H 2017
The late Princess Leia actress held her own just fine while co-star Harrison Ford sat beside her smoking a cigarette.

Among her many talents, Carrie Fisher spoke excellent French. And she used that skill in 1977 while doing an interview with Radio Television Suisse for Star Wars: A New Hope.

The late Princess Leia actress was able to hold her own just fine speaking the language while co-star Harrison Ford sat beside her, looking on, smoking a cigarette. 

It may or may not come as a surprise to fans that Fisher spoke French, but it's what she said toward the end of the interview which is most striking. The actress makes it clear that Leia is not a typical damsel in distress, and credits director George Lucas for making the character empowered. 

"He made everyone's character very specific [very strong] I think, because the princess is not a victim," said Fisher, according to subtitles on the interview. "She's very strong, and it's good, because there are not a lot of strong women in film right now." 

The interviewer asked then her if that is true of American films, to which she replied, "Yes, especially in America, I think." 

Fisher died nearly one year ago at the age of 60.

Her final performance was as Leia in the recently released Star Wars installment The Last Jedi

Watch the vintage interview below.